RV Issues Along the way.



Taking a wrong turn in Pittsburgh ended up in the main street on a busy workday :(.

An unfortunate accident but lucky no one was hurt , I had a guy come up on the inside of me as I was turning right and this was the result.

This is the before photos:

Now she looks like this again: Thanks to Newmar!



Bogged in St. Petersburg.

Follow me he said ! Anyway no damage just a small hiccup on our travels. we had a monster truck pull us out between 2 Trailer homes. When in Florida watch out for the Black Sand!


Kitchen Mishap

Baking dish dropped on to Glass Hot plates below…Baking Dish wins.


Awning Issue

Pulled up on wet evening at Jellystone Yogi bear Campground in Luray VA and tried to extend and retract the Awning only got it to fail miserably crash down and scratch the paint job 😦

I ended up doing the repair myself after working how this actually works. There are 2 screws that drive the tube from the motor, one screw on the drive side had fallen out making the tube torsionally rotate and collapse. problem was the screws were loose on both ends causing this issue. All good now!

All good now.